The SharonoFF SA company has solid experience in the fullest complex of the services necessary for investment into the real estate:

Assistance to find the best investment strategy;

Selection of assets at investment into the segments of the various types of market of the commercial and residential real estate representing with the largest potential — in Switzerland and in the territory of the European Union countries;

Select the branch of economy, suitable for investment. Among such branches – biotechnologies, high technologies (hi-tech), information and network technologies, mechanical engineering, alternative power engineering and robotics.

Full support of all made-out transactions, paperwork, including attraction of the bank credits;

Assistance in management of the acquired assets;

Assistance in sale of real property of the client.

Offices of the SharonoFF SA company are located in the territory of Switzerland in the cities of Orbe and Sion. Our company has more than seven years' experience in the market of investments into the real estate therefore our experts have the extensive experience of work allowing to claim that with us your investments into the real estate of Europe will be in safety.

The list of achievements of the SharonoFF SA company includes such victories as the bargains concluded in the Canton of Vaud: sale of an object of the industrial real estate to one of large Swiss Family offices and also the bargain concluded with the large Swiss pension fund selling the residential building, volume of two of these transactions in the sum I have made 25 million Swiss francs.

Also our company carried out large deals with foreign investors – as examples it is possible to give sale of an object worth 15 million francs to the private Russian investor and also the transaction on acquisition of a warehouse complex in the Canton of Valais for the private investor from the Republic of South Africa – the volume of the transaction was 8 million francs. For the last 4 years the total amount of the transactions focused on investments into the real estate of Switzerland, realized by the SharonoFF SA company exceeds 150 million Swiss francs.

The SharonoFF SA company has deserved the place in the market of investments into the real estate of Europe, due to own approach to the analysis of the market and search of favorable assets for the subsequent investments. For achievement of the end result the company uses as wide staff of own trained staff, and involves third-party experts in the different areas concerning the accompanied transaction. The experts who are well understanding law, areas of architecture and construction and also journalism work with SharonoFF SA. All these experts are ready to provide necessary recommendations for our company.