About Us

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is well known for its extraordinary nature, Swiss Alps, beautiful cities and well-organized society.

Modern Switzerland is a prestigious real estate, reliable and liquid investments, safety and comfort for your family. All this can become a part of your life.

SharonoFF SA. The official supplier of high living standards

The SharonoFF SA company renders services:

The separate division of SharonoFF Investment deals with issues of investments in Switzerland.
The directions of interests of investment division can be divided conditionally on:

  • direct investments in the operating companies being at various stages of development;
  • venture investments into perspective, hi-tech and medical projects;
  • investments into Start-Up projects.
www.ffinvestment.com/en/ is more detailed

Perfect knowledge of the legislation of Switzerland, the excellent team of professionals of the business, modern approach to the solution of difficult tasks, experience – all this gives to our company stable development and grateful clients!