Commercial property in Switzerland

Commercial property in Switzerland

The commercial property in Switzerland is an excellent subject for your investments from a constant profitability and stability. The SharonoFF company offers you the range of services on selection of objects of the commercial real estate in Switzerland for foreigners, to legal support of transactions, the organization of process of purchase. Our professional managers are always glad to answer any your questions concerning investment in the real estate market. We help to buy favourably the real estate for foreigners from Russia and the CIS countries. We carry out an assessment of an object and we check all documents with calculation of a mortgage and profitability.

Objects of the commercial real estate in Switzerland are very diverse. It is possible to make favourably investments in elite mansions and shopping centers in one of the large cities (Zurich, Basel, Geneva) where business life boils. It is possible to invest in the commercial real estate of ski resorts and green valleys of the country. Purchase of fashionable hotels, refined restaurants, investments into trade and commercial projects of Switzerland are very favorable from the financial point of view. The property in Switzerland grows in the price that will pay back your investments in the next few years.

The commercial property brings in a stable high revenue. For example, it is possible to buy favourably the building or the shopping facility which is already rented by the reliable company. Such investment will steadily bring you 5-8% annually. Advantage of such investments is high as the rent contracts are calculated from 5 to 10 years. Besides, the low level of rates of mortgage lending in Switzerland allows you to diversify your risks and make favorable investments with use of borrowed funds.

The «SharonoFF» company will also render you services in the conclusion of contracts with banks of Switzerland and will check the assessment of the property to be in favor of the buyer!

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Exclusive objects
We have access to exclusive objects that are difficult to find on the market. We work with direct owners and a network of our partners - law offices, notaries, property managers.
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Based on the analysis, we select only first-class located, high-quality and profitable objects. We can provide detailed information about objects that are of interest to you.
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Of all the objects that come to us, we select only the 10th part with which it really makes sense to work.
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The advantages for the client are to save time, effort and nerves, due to contacting the agency of a single cycle.