3 300 000 € (3 300 000 ₣)

Space: 1 540 м²

Yield: 9.31%


Buy the real estate in Graubünden

One of the biggest cantons of Switzerland located in fact in the central part of the Alpine mountains, the Canton of Graubünden is the most popular part of the country at numerous tourists and vacationers. It is exclusively favorable and prestigious to buy the real estate in Graubünden. Such cities and ski resorts as Davos, Saint-Moritz, Aroza, Flims, offer the excellent options of housing in Graubünden meeting the requirements of the most exacting public. Investments in Switzerland bring benefit as thanks to an opportunity to live in the developed country, and thanks to an opportunity it is favorable to lease objects.

Also the commercial real estate in Graubünden uses investment attractiveness. A chalet in ski resorts with apartments for leasing, big hotels and motels, refined restaurants — the cost of the similar real estate is high, but it completely reflects the level of objects, development of infrastructure and comfort of a condition for living and rest. If you have questions concerning investments in Graubünden and other regions (cantons) of Switzerland, then acontact us. Specialists of the "SharonoFF" company will competely inform you on subtleties of purchase of real estate objects in this highly developed country.