3 600 000 € (3 600 000 ₣)

Space: 1 064 м²

Yield: 10.15%



3 300 000 € (3 300 000 ₣)

Space: 1 161 м²

Yield: 9.07%


Property for sale in Solothurn

The Canton of Solothurn is located in a northwest part of Switzerland. In the north it borders on the canton Basel, from the western and southern parties — on the Canton of Bern, and from East side — on the Canton of Argau. A considerable part of Solothurn are plains, but the canton also includes territories at the foot of Mountains Yura. Exactly here, at the foot of mountains, the capital of the canton of the same name — the ancient city of Solothurn which has kept in itself many sights of times of the Middle Ages is located. Cathedral Ursusa one of them. In the neighborhood of the capital there are natural sights: caves and gorges and also ancient castles in which reconstruction it is possible to invest. To buy the real estate in Solothurn — it an excellent opportunity not only it is favorable to invest, but also seriously to raise the status. Apartments, ancient houses, apartments and other real estate in Solothurn is in great demand and represents an excellent combination of the price and quality.

Solid investors will be interested in commercial objects in this canton. The commercial real estate in Solothurn, whether it be restaurants or shops, hotels or profitable houses, can bring serious stable income which together with growth of cost of objects will pay back all your investments. Investments in Solothurn give the chance to be integrated seriously not only into economy, but also to connect the further life with one of the most developed countries of the world.