Capital Trust Management

Capital Trust Management

Capital Trust Management

The SharonoFF SA company provides service of trust management of the capital to natural and legal entities. SharonoFF Investment is a financial intermediary in the market of investments.

Specialized services in the field of management

Trust management - is a transfer of equity by the client to the trustee of the SharonoFF SA company for a certain term. It is one of the most effective methods of enhancement of investments which makes for the investor the maximum profit.

Successful management of the capital is guaranteed by existence of preliminary estimate with carrying out technical and economic analyses.

The SharonoFF SA company offers management of your capital in the following directions:

  • - Choice of strategy of investment.
  • - Study of legal and tax aspects.
  • - Filling of the investment portfolio.
  • - Management of the investment portfolio.
  • - Optimization of the current assets.

We approach management of your capital with all responsibility!

The confidential person to whom the control of the capital for the benefit of the client has been transferred doesn't acquire the property right. The managing director of investments, money of the principal has the right only for commission of financial transactions for remuneration.

Advantages of cooperation with the SharonoFF SA company

  1. Effective use of standard and individual strategies.
  2. It is favorable to entrust management of your capital to the company with the 20th summer successful experience in the world of financial and stock markets.
  3. Reliable forecasting, planning, organization of management of your capital.

Available conditions of cooperation.

Specialists of the SharonoFF SA company responsibly approach management of your capital and will do everything possible to increase it.


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