Trade buildings for sale in Switzerland

The real estate markets of the European countries aren't similar at each other. One offers you lower prices, but also the high risks, at the others — the prices are significantly higher, and risks aren't certain. Switzerland property market is seriously allocated as it matches all the national economy of the country. Property prices steadily grow in Switzerland even in crisis times, attracting new investors with long-term prospects and profitability. It is very favorable to buy shop in Switzerland. Investments into trade rooms and buildings always brought in the serious income, thanks to appeal of the sold goods and popularity of brands of those organizations which are engaged in these goods. Purchase of ready business, such as the operating shop in Switzerland is an opportunity to make investments and to gain the guaranteed income already now, thanks to possibility of similar objects.

Assistance to sale/purchase of shops in Switzerland and other real estate, support of transactions, opening of accounts, the help in the organization of process of investment — all this enters the range of services, rendered to potential investors by the SharonoFF company. Our experts who are working in the Italian, French and German cantons of the country, having the wealth of experience and communications which are engaged in registration of new business in Switzerland always are glad to answer any your questions and hope for long-term cooperation.

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Exclusive objects
We have access to exclusive objects that are difficult to find on the market. We work with direct owners and a network of our partners - law offices, notaries, property managers.
Real estate analysis
Based on the analysis, we select only first-class located, high-quality and profitable objects. We can provide detailed information about objects that are of interest to you.
Quality assurance
Of all the objects that come to us, we select only the 10th part with which it really makes sense to work.
Time saving
The advantages for the client are to save time, effort and nerves, due to contacting the agency of a single cycle.