Registration and Sale of Companies in Switzerland

Registration and Sale of Companies in Switzerland

Registration and Sale of Companies in Switzerland

Many successful businessmen seek to have own company or small firm on the territory of the largest financial center of the European Union – Switzerland.

The SharonoFF SA company assists in registration of the company in Switzerland. We render services in sale of ready firms and business projects.

The Switzerland bank sphere is presented by a set of high level institutes that stimulates the solid companies to opening there representation offices here. To open representation office in Swiss is not so simply, because the legislation of the country has special, quite strict rules and orders. And only the professionals knowing requirements and all subtleties of laws of Switzerland (the federal legislation and tax regulation at the level of the canton or community), can simplify procedures and even to receive considerable privileges for the companies.

SharonoFF SA services at registration and sale of the companies

The team of lawyers, financiers and economists of our company renders services in registration of private company in the territory of Switzerland. We can select the portfolio companies for investment into ready business projects.

In the course of registration or purchase of the Swiss company experts of "SharonoFF SA" render services:

  • • selection of an optimum form of formation of legal entity;
  • • sale to the company with the legal address;
  • • service of the nominal director;
  • • opening of settlement accounts in the Swiss bank;
  • • accounting maintenance.

We will make registration and purchase of the Swiss company or business project professionally and favorable for you!


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