St. Gallen

Buy the real estate in St. Gallen

In the lands of the Rhine valley in a northeast part of Switzerland is located a picturesque Canton of St. Gallen. Being the developed region of the country and bordering on Zurich, Glarus, Thurgau and other cantons it can brag of the location and logistic convenience. The mountain capital of the canton, the city of St. Gallen of the same name is cultural and financial center of these lands. Not casually, purchase of the real estate in St. Gallen is an excellent opportunity not only to make investments in residence and rest in this country, but also it is essential to raise the status. Housing in St. Gallen is and modern apartments, and houses in rural areas (the considerable part of the territory of the canton is farmlands, small towns settlements).

The commercial real estate in St. Gallen which is an important economic component of the country costs serious money. But investments in this canton attract potential investors with an opportunity to gain reliable and stable income. Mini-hotels, hotels, profitable houses, trade and office rooms — these objects are in great demand. For assessment of prospects of investments in St. Gallen or other cantons of the country we recommend to address professionals of the "SharonoFF" company. We are always ready to show you the ropes of legal aspects of purchase of the real estate in Swiss.