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Land and residential plots for sale

The SharonoFF SA company renders assistance in purchase of a land and plots in Switzerland.

It is rather difficult to buy land plots in Switzerland for the foreigner, as there are established requirements and rules differing in each canton (region).

20 cantons and 6 polukanton are a part of the Swiss Confederation. Each canton has its own culture, customs and the capital. A part of cantons are German-speaking, a part - French-speaking, one - Italian.

The team of professionals of the SharonoFF SA company knows all subtleties of the legislation of this country and each canton that allows us to carry out the procedure of purchase of a ground quicker and easier.

The procedure of purchase of land and residential plots in Switzerland

Modern Switzerland – is developed financially safe country with a unique natural landscape. Many foreigners seek to have property here. But not to everyone, even to the citizen of the European Union, the power grants permission for the right of purchase and possession.

Laws in Switzerland are very conservative and for the transaction it is necessary to get permission of the authorities of that canton where you intend to buy the land. In each cantons the laws for the right of land acquisition strongly differ: since the economic, legislative, tax sphere. For example, in each canton of Switzerland there are restrictions on the size and resale terms of the land plot which is purchased by the foreigner.

The SharonoFF SA company renders professional services in support of transactions upon purchase of the land plot in Switzerland. Also we offer the commercial real estate to acquisition. The commercial property in Switzerland is the stable annual income from the enclosed investments!

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