3 900 000 € (3 900 000 ₣)

Space: 3 320 м²


Sale of hotels in Switzerland

The Swiss economy already became a synonym of reliability and stability, profitability of invested funds, efficiency of investment into the property. For this reason an increasing number of serious investors pay attention to this country and look for the serious companies which would help to understand legal and tax aspects, legislative changes in Switzerland.

One of the most interesting objects for investment into the commercial property of Switzerland are hotels. To buy hotel in Switzerland, to invest in the new project of hotel business in Switzerland — favourably and prestigiously. Similar investments are serious, demand big expenses, are intended for a long-term outlook, but also bring in the good income. Therefore we recommend to ask for the help true professionals of the real estate market of Switzerland — in the SharonoFF company. Specialists of the company will help to open the account in the Swiss bank, can organize process of obtaining the residence permit, will sort to you subtleties of law and the taxation in any of numerous cantons of the country, and also the organizations of business, whether it be purchase of hotel in Switzerland or any other will deal with issues of direct support of transactions.