Apartments and flats for sale in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of those countries which investments to the most different spheres of economy are very reliable and favorable. The crisis phenomena practically don't change a state of affairs and quiet, forward development of this country. And the real estate market of Switzerland has endured the last crisis without excess shocks. Property and housing prices in this country, whether it is inhabited or commercial, steadily grow that involves businessmen from the most different countries including from Russia. The most demanded sort of the real estate is apartments and flats in Switzerland.

Cost on apartments in Switzerland, undoubtedly, above the Spanish or Italian similar objects. So, for example, the apartments of 184 sq.m located in Lugano with tremendous views of the lake and hills, with the thought-over planning can be estimated at the sum of 5-6 million EURO; it is possible to find in Bern the two-room apartment of the big area, nearly 200 sq.m for the sum about 1 million EURO. There are, certainly, also less expensive objects. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that both purchase, and sale of apartments in Switzerland — favorable business. Buying the real estate in Switzerland now, in the future, thanks to not falling down demand, you will be able to sell it at more favorable price. Besides, a number of real estate objects is bought only for the subsequent favorable leasing. According to researches for 2015, profitability of similar investments in annual terms has already exceeded 8% that even above profitability of the commercial real estate.

To buy the apartment or apartments in Switzerland it is necessary to be guided by the following questions: location (what canton, what city, what area — mountains or valleys) to study legal subtleties (the taxation, a possibility of obtaining the residence permit in Switzerland, possibilities of purchase of the second object — all this differs in regions of the country). It is much simpler to solve the similar moments if to get support of the solid company and its skilled employees. The SharonoFF company will help to pick up competently housing in Switzerland, or an object, according to your inquiries, will accompany the transaction, will help with the solution of questions overlooking a residence.

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